• All Grain brewing starter kit

With our All grain starter kit you can brew All grain, extract kits or brew in a can.

Kit consists of the following

Fermenter with tap, air lock and thermometer

Bottling bucket with tap, hose and bottling spigot, can double as a fermenter when you purchase a seperate airlock and thermometer


Bottle capper

crown caps

no-rinse sanitizer

Brew bag

floating Thermometer

your choice of all grain kit 

you will need the following to complete your brewing kit

1. a Large pot to do your mash and sparging in. preferably a 36L stainless or aluminium pot as the preboil volume go up to 28L

2. Old blanket to cover your pot and keep the heat in during mashing time

3. empty beer bottles

4 priming sugar to carbonate your beer after bottling

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All Grain brewing starter kit

  • R2,225.00

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