• Oslo Kveik lager All Grain kit

All Grain

This one is for the hasty brewer. From start to a carbonated beer ready to drink in less than 2 weeks. This kit ferments at any tempearture above 19 degrees and is suitable for our hot climate. The beer style is a Munich Dunkel Lager

Brewed from the finest specialty malts, Munich and Vienna Malt to create the fasted Beer you have ever brewed.

This slightly sweet Pseudo Lager is easy to drink and excellent on hot days

Batch size 21L

Kit includes:

milled grain, strain specific yeast, hops, instructions

Please note the following: This is beginner brewer kit and ferments between 19-37°C

What else do I need? You need the normal equipment, a brew bag and dextrose for priming sugar

Please download the recipe on the red square with white arrow, just above the price if you need more info on this kit.

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Oslo Kveik lager All Grain kit

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