• Fynbos Honey bush (Cyclopia subternata)

Cape fynbos ( Cyclopia subternata) variant of the Honeybush family. A unique and South African botanical for your nex Gin. Infuse directly for a very nice brown orangy hue in your gin or vapour infuse for the same smell and taste but in a crystal clear gin.

The characteristic sensory profile of C. subternata can be described as sweet tasting and slightly astringent with a combination of rose geranium and fruity sweet attributes and “honey-like” aromas. The flavour can be described as distinctly , “fynbos-sweet” and "Sweet fruity".

Use 10g/ liter of gin. For direct infusion, let it steep for 1 to 2 days depending on the intensity you like

100g Pack

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Fynbos Honey bush (Cyclopia subternata)

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