About Us

We are situated in the heart of Limpopo in the Waterberg district. I have been distilling since high school around 38 years ago with my mothers pressure cooker and was the envy of my school mates back then. I still remember my first mash, prickly pear that grew wild on the farm, and the first tasting to seperate the heads, hearts and tails. I grew up in the Marico valley, where today mampoer is the heart of the Marico culture and its people, So you can say that I grew up with that extraodinary culture, seating brewing and distilling firmly in my blood.

Over the years the distilling went dormant and as the prohibition in the lockdown started I thought why not reflame this old passion of mine again. Did my first Citrus mampoer, a batch of wheat and corn beer and cider. This got me passionate again and I am all out now. Built my own equipment and sourced some local products. The soucing of grains et was a mayjor problem and that made me think to start sharing my knowlwdge and start selling and supplying brew and distilling products and equipment.

We will try and bring you the best quality products at the lowest prices possible. Thats why we are going to trade online only to keep overheads and cost as low as possible. We are importing most equipment directly from the manufacturers overseas and we will try and source local manufacturers and suppliers as far as possible.

We will allways expand on our product range to keep up with new technology and new trends. And with some of our own designs and products.

We are really looking forward to meeting and helping every customer that we have and that you experience will be nothing but the best.

Wilco van Niekerk